The wandering star mascot

  • When you follow a shooting star in the sky you think of the place where it comes from, how far it travelled to reach this point and what it came across.

    With this project, we want to join partners far away, from different European countries but sharing a common culture and the wish to learn about the universe to protect it.

    Some day we would like to meet and we will work for it with Erasmus+ projects but ... while this may happen our project mascot is travelling to every school with best wishes from all school communities.

    Our mascot was made by an experienced grandma. She was a dressmaker who worked very hard to make a living and raise her daughters. Now, one of them is a teacher in this project, Mrs. Montserrat Jiménez. We asked her to help us by sewing a star which would be our mascot and travel around Europe to visit all schools involved. She was really kind to make three stars for us. Thank you Rosa

    First trip: From Atarfe to Budapest (Hungary)

    IES Vega de Atarfe Headmaster and management team launch our mascot for a wonderful journey. Its passport is ready, completed and signed and our groups have written messages for the host school ... and a question they want to know.

    Reception at Budapest II. Kerületi II. Rákóczi Ferenc Gimnázium


    Second trip: From Budapest to Skopje (North Macedonia)

    Reception & Farewell at  SUGS Gimnazija Josip Broz Tito


    Wishes, questions, expectations...

    On the way to Ceuta...




    Third trip: From Skopje to Ceuta (Spain)

    Fourth trip: From Ceuta back to Granada (Spain)