5.2. SHUMA stargazing spots

  • This is our project SHUMA map (Spain-Hungary-Macedonia) to summarize all the content we have learnt about our partners and even ourselves. We also want to acknoledge the right to observe the sky at night and we will add the best spots to do so.

    Based on the tasks you have been doing and what you have learnt, add the following information in the map:

    Layer 1: schools, coordinates, names and info. Image of radiance

    Layer 2: stargazing natural spots in your country

    Layer 3: observatories in your country

    Layer 4: monuments with stars


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    Colour Code

    Spain: yellow

    Hungary: green

    North Macedonia: red


    Icons Code





  • SHUMA stargazing spots


    The fifth graders show the best places in our city as well as discover the places of the other project partners.

    IES Vega de Atarfe, Granada 12th grade

    Students are locating in a map the best places in our city and other places in our country. They have discovered unknown viewpoints and observatories for them.

    IES Vega de Atarfe, Spain

    Granada 9th grade.
    Locating places on the map! It was interesting to locate the different centers from which we collaborated.