3.1. Stars and words

  • Guess the Name of the National Writter!


    The stars and the night sky with their beauty and misticism, not only amaze  every person, but they are even more admired by many writers. They find in them hidden, secret meanings that challenge our imagination. 

    Each of the schools presents its own national writer who writes about the stars in some of his works. 

    Your task is to read the articles and find out who the autor is.

    Special thanks to Literature Department in our schools


    Click here to open the Padlet and read the articles!


    Complete the next activities:

    • "Rellena los huecos" means "Fill in the gasps"
    • Quext. Choose the correct answers

    Breaking News!! 30th March 2022 Breaking News!!

    Record Broken: Hubble Spots Farthest Star Ever Seen



  • Breaking News

    Record broken

    Every team has a question to answer about this new discovery. GO TO DISCUSSION to check your new mission