• TASK 1. Look/read through all we did in the project and write your final opinion about it. When you express your opinion take into consideration: vocabulary/knowledge about European national parks, communication in English, collaboration in international groups, having fun by creating and playing games, using ICT tools...and whatever you think is worth sharing.

    Useful phrases for expressing opinion:

    • I think / believe...
    • In my opinion / view...
    • As far as I am concerned...
    • It seems to me that...
    • From my point of view, I think...
    • If you ask me...

    !!! Overall evaluation starts AFTER completing all the tasks on 20th February.

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    TASK 2. Suggest a topic/topics for the next eTwinning project.

    Useful phrases for suggesting:

    • Let's.. / Shall we... / Why don't we...  +  bare infinitive
    • How about.../ What about...   + -ing
    • I think that we should...   + bare infinitive
    • I think that's a very good idea to ...   + infinitive
    • We could...   + bare infinitive


    TASK 3. You can add a video or a recording with your opinion about the project to this padlet.

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    TASK 4. Say 'thank you' and 'good bye'

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