Introducing the subject of national parks - warming up activities

  • TASK 1. Watch a film and add your idea to Tricider, add an argument to different ideas and vote.

    TASK 2. Create a Padlet with some basic information about the National Parks in your country. The main task is to create a map with the names and www of the national parks. Make your map as interesting as possible.

    (On your national Padlet you insert: photos, symbols, maps, all you want to expose about your national parks but all materials must be clear and easy to understand. Each country must read the materials of the rest of 5 so keep it friendly to read or listen.)

    for creating a map use:

    (The map must include the names of your national parks, their www, maybe a short film, photo. Just make is " as beautiful as possible". I tried it only once and I am not experienced but it is really great. You can create a map without registering but better to do it, so you have a mapĀ  saved on you account. freeĀ  account let you 3 maps.)

    TASK 3. Let's create a common map with the national parks of our countries. Each team should add the names and www of their national parks. Use different colours of markers.

    Our common map

    TASK 4. Create a game or a quiz based on the material about the national parks of your country.