Trees experts - team 3

  • International cooperation

    TUTORS: ES2 Sonia Ruiz Garcia, ES1 Isabel Perez

    TASK 1. Let's know each other within a group. Make a close, well-cooperated team. In order to do that introduce yourself by your skills, write what you are good / talented at. Think about the project, read the tasks you will be working on and relate your skills to the project.

    Useful vocabulary for TASK1

    I am good/excellent/talented at...(noun/ verb+ - ing)

    I love/adore...(noun/verb+-ing)

    I am keen on/fond of/crazy about/ interested in ...(noun/verb+-ing)

    I am ..........(well-organized, sociable, well-cooperated, hardworking, patient, talkative, reliable,optimistic, ambitious, well-informed, well-read, regardful, dutiful) so I can/will...

    TASK 2. 

    a) Add all the words which are associated with TREES

    b) Work on a common 'Dictionary of Nature', you are responsible for translating into your mother tongue Part 3 - trees

    Common Dictionary of Nature

    TASK 3. Create a mindmap about trees in your national parks. BE CREATIVE and explore your subject well. The other students will learn about trees while reading what you did.

    a) Read how to create a mindmap , ask your biology to help yu a little, ask your eTwinning teacher if your language is correct.

    b) Use  for creating your mindmap, than add it to 'collaborative map' as a link.

    c) Use collaborative mindmap

    TASK 4. Create a logo of your team

    a) You are free to decide how you make a logo, it can be a drawing, a collage or on-line creation. Finnaly, it must be an image (jpg, gif) which you can add to tricider. Two elements are obligatory: a word 'eTwinning' and the name of your team.

    b) On the tricider provided: add an idea - add the image - write a symbol of your country (capital letters) and your names (Deadline: 31st October) DO NOT ADD ARGUMENTS AND VOTE YET!