National Parks = International Treasure

The main subject of the project is focused on beauty and uniqueness of national parks of each country. Participants will introduce plants, animals and particular features and than create one common international park. Collaboration within international teams is a priority of this project.

Project Journal

  • Polish students got the wonderful prizes - tablets, sent by CSS. All were very happy and proud.

    prize giving 6.06.2018.jpg

    - Posted by MAłGORZATA TOMCZAK-WALKUSZ, 11.06.2018

  • Great moments and happiness for Sonia and me during National Prizes Ceremony.


    - Posted by Maria Isabel Pérez, 27.05.2018

  • The Spanish team has won the National Prize! We are very happy to share the great news with you!
    - Posted by Sonia Ruiz García, 09.04.2018

  • We are the winners of eTwinning European Prize !!!
    Congratulations to all of participants, both students and teachers. Thank you to all for your great teamwork. I hope it was this first important step in international teamwork for our students which will let them repeat this success in the future while carring out more serious and important projects.


    - Posted by MAłGORZATA TOMCZAK-WALKUSZ, 05.03.2018

  • Hi everyone! Just wondering if you’d like to do any activity related to our project as 2018 is The European Year of Cultural Heritage... we’re preparing a project and each class will work on a country and its cultural heritage. Then we will prepare kind of a tourist fair with different stands to show our work. I’m planning to show our National Park = International Treasure project there. Any other ideas?
    - Posted by Sonia Ruiz García, 23.01.2018