Insects experts - team 1

  • TASK 1.  Imagine, that your National Parks are in danger and you have a chance to place some of your rare species in special Treasure International Park.

    Your team has to make a common presentation 'The insects of Treasure International Park'

    • Each country should choose 3 insects (the strangest, the most beautiful, the biggest…..your choice).

    • Prepare slides (3 per country) with an image of an insect and some information (DO NOT copy and paste) : the name of a bird in Latin and your language, the name of a national park it comes from and some more information about its life and habits.

    • Agree on themes,layout, the colour of the background and letter, the size of the letters and so on.Make it still, because this presentation will be changed into an e-book later.

    The place for disscussions/suggestions within a team - go to FORUM

    The place for a common presentation - go to Google Drive

    TASK 2.  Use the presentation and transform it into e-book.


    TASK 3.  Set up the rules of behaviour for visitors in Treasure International Park

    a) This is a Tricider for brainstorming how the visitors of Treasure International Park should behave, what they are allowed or not allowed to do. Add ideas and develop arguments to set up the rules for our common international park. Concentrate mainly on your subject - insects.
    then you will use your ideas to prepare infographics in your international groups.
    Be creative and share your concepts.

    Useful grammar for TASK 3

    • obligation: Visitors must/have to
    • prohibition: Visitors mustn’t/ aren’t allowed; It is forbidden to
    • permission: Visitors can/are allowed to
    • advice: should/ought to/shouldn’t

    b) Create Infographics 'The rules of behaviour in Treasure International Park'. This is teamwork so when somebody from your international team starts a visual, edit it and add your elements, then save so the next person will be able to add something else. Build one common infographics, DO NOT start a new one.

    use the website of your group: infographics

    For your group ID and the password go to Forum


    TASK 4.  Record a radio advert introducing Treasure International Park

    Common Google doc

    !!! To continue this task go to the main page 'Creating Treasure International Park'. You will find there a common part for all teams.