Let's know each other


    Students' introductions

    TASK 1. Go to your Twinspace profile and complete it  (write about your family, interests, place where you live, pets...), add your photo or a picture.

    TASK 2. Go to Forum "Common interests" and try to make friends. Write your answer to the post according to your interests and answer to other students.

    TASK 3. Introduce yourself with pictures (interests/likes/dislikes) and symbols (positive/negative features of your character), make a college and add it to Padlet. Add it to Materals - folder: Student's collages-introductions.

    for free pictures use:



    for creating a collage use:

    http://www.pizap.com/photo-collage-templates.php /

    Introduce your school

    TASK 1. Create a presentation  or a film about your school. Include useful information such as the number of teachers, students, curriculum and extra curriculum subjects, achievements of your school.

    TASK 2. Add your film or a presentation to materials and on Padlet.

    Introduce  the place you live

    TASK 1. Create a film or a presentation about the place where you live. Include important information about it, the things easy to remember.

    TASK 2. Add your film or a presentation to Materials - folder: the places we live. We will use Thinglink to create a map of Europe with our places.

    Quizes time - how well do we know each other?

    TASK 1. For all students and teachers - finish the sentence (20 characters)

    TASK 2. Quizes. For preparing quizes you can use:

    Kahoot: https://getkahoot.com/  go to Forum for more information

    ProProfs: http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/ 

    LearningApps: https://learningapps.org/createApp.php

    Let's watch the films and presentations about the partners' schools and places they live and do the quizes:

    1. The Kahoot quiz about Polish team:

    the link for teachers (the best idea is to use an interactive board)

    students go to (they can use their own devices if you let them): https://kahoot.it/#/ 

    2. The Kahoot quiz about Czech team:

    the link for teachers

    3. The Kahoot quiz about Slovak team:

    the link for teachers

    4. The Kahoot about Spanish team ES1 (Gran Canaria)

    the link for teachers

    5. The Kahoot quiz about Spanish team ES2 (Madrid)

    the link for teachers

    6. The Kahoot quiz about Albanian team

    the link for teachers