Creating Treasure International Park

  • !!! Please, read all suggestions before you vote. You can also use google maps to check the location of a place. DO NOT add more ideas.


    According the students, this is the best location for our Treasure International Park. Let's travel to Spain to see all the treasure of nature!


    TASK 4.  A final common part of task 4. Pronunciation and intonation is an important part in this task!

    Who records what?

    Insects experts ES2
    Birds experts ES2
    Trees experts Poland                 
    Plants experts CZ
    Mammals experts Poland
    Geology / landscape experts CZ
    Reptiles / amphibians experts Spain 1
    Fish / water experts Spain 1


    Add the recorded (mp3) advert to the padlet. In the title write for example: Insects experts

     or geology experts...

    There is something wrong with the padlet, so please, add MP3 to the MATERIALS - FILES as well.

    The link to the MP3 files HERE

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