12. Vale, Reme!

  • Now it's time to close this project. It is necessary to know your feedback, so that we can do better projects in the future.

    Nunc est tempus hoc inceptum finire. Oportet nos tuam aestimationem cognoscere, ut in tempus futurum meliores res faciamus.


    So you need to do the following:

    • Answer this questionnaire: https://forms.gle/4usncg8KzmpWPWqv7
    • Then say goodbye with a greeting and good wishes in this whiteboard. You just have to click on the (+) icon at the bottom or double click on the board to add a note. You can choose the Latin phrases from this document

    Itaque necesse est te agere:


    Vale, Reme! Valete,amici!