8.Luperca, the good she-wolf / Luperca, lupa proba





    1.Students regroup in national teams and read the myth of Romulus and Remus related to the she-wolf

    Discipuli in gregibus patriis iterum congregant et Romuli et Remi fabulam cum lupa Luperca relatam legunt.


    2.Each school chooses two of the following themes and with the she-wolf and Romulus and Remus as protagonists, they create scripts for mini-films.

    Quidquid lyceum, lupa et Romulo et Remo primis personis, duo argumenta ex insequentibus eligunt et ad parvas pellicullas scriptiones cinematographicas aptas scribunt.

    The topics are: 

    Argumenta sunt:

    • Global Warming Calefactio globalis
    • The Hunger In The World  Fames in orbe terrarum
    • Economic Inequality Inaequalitas oeconomica
    • Pollution Pollutio
    • Access To Drinking Water Aditus ad potabilem aquam
    • The Wars Bella
    • Deforestation Silvarum vastatio
    • Disinformation Falsae aut dolosae notitiae
    • Male-Female Inequality Inaequalitas inter viros et feminas
    • Respect For Animals Ad animalia observantia

    3. The students shoot the film and upload it here. 

    Discipuli pelliculae imagines  imprimunt (“cinematographant”) et hic eam ponunt.


    4. The students comment (tricider) in English which of these problems they currently consider to be the most serious. Comments are voted on.

    In lingua Anglica discipuli explanant (tricider) quid ex his problematibus hodiernis gravius cogitent. De explanationibus suffragia ferunt.


    Here you are the rubric with which you will be evaluate (click on the image): / Ecce rubrica ad valorandum opus tuum:

  • Minimovies

    The Wars

    The Roman Civil War

    Male-Female Inequality

    Gender Inequality


    Fake news



    Forest pollution and violence

    Duscipulae et discipulus lycei "Alagón" (Caurium)