Omnes res eunt!

  • We propose you to make a funny  "Reel" on Instagram...into Latin!

    So we prepared a short dialogue between Remus and the Lupa Luperca. Yo can download this talk here.

    We made the first video, with Candela Gallego as Luperca. Here you can find the video (it works after logging on Instagram).

    Then, students "reel" the video, i.e., they record a new video using the audio.

    Are you ready to reel our video? Let's go!

  • Students' Reels

    Josué Salazar
    Natalia Silva
    Alba Cirera
    Noelia Crespo
    Manuel Martin
    Lourdes Morales
    Laura Garcia
    Inés Teodoro
    Carolina Sánchez
    Alexandra Maxim
    Marcos Martin
    Carmen Rodríguez