4. Introduction / Commendatio

  • The first thing is to get to know each other, because we are going to do an incredible project / Primum cognoscendum est, quod pergratum inceptum futurum est.

    Here you have the first activity / Ecce primus labor

    Instructions for teachers and students / Rationes ad discipulos atque magistros:

    1. Create an avatar video in Instagram using its filters and download this video to your mobile. Make sure your face isn’t recognizable  / Primum confice pelliculam cum imagine (vulgo avatar) in spatio “Instagram”, utere optimo colo, et pelliculam in telephonulo tuo pone. Oportet imaginem dissimilem tibi esse.

    2. Open this wall https://dotstorming.com/b/615d3cf7621e8208190be7de and write your name / Aperi hunc murum: https://dotstorming.com/b/615d3cf7621e8208190be7de  et nomen adde

    3.Choose only “upload an image” (not add a card) and upload your avatar video selecting the tab “Video” / Lege TANTUM "upload an image" (non "add a card"!) et in retem tui imaginis (“avatar”) pelliculam ascende: neccesse est palpebram “video” eligere.

    4. Then then write your introduction in latin / Postea Latine scribe commendationem:

    -Salvete / Avete, amici!
    -Mihi nomen est...
    -Habito in oppido ...
    -Quindecim (15) /sedecim (16) /septendecim (17) annos habeo /natus/a sum
    -Sum discipulus/a // magister/magistra in Lyceo ..... in oppido .... in -Hispania/Italia

    Finally save it / Deinde preme "Save".

    5. Students need to say who they like about others. Thus, students should: / Necesse est discipulos si aliquis eos delectat dicere; itaque ii debent: 

    a) Comment with notes using Latin on the avatar of others / a) Commentare cum notis Linguae Latinae

    -Gaudeo quod te saluto!

    -Mihi multum placet commendatio tua!

    -Habitasne in xxxxx?

    -Esne Hispanus/Gallicus/Italus...?

    -Gaudeo/ laetor multum

    -Commendatio tua multum / valde mihi placuit

    -Commendatio tua lepida / iucunda est!

    -Pulcher / pulchra es et praeterea lepidus-a / iucundus-a videris

    -Tibi scribere multum / valde mihi placeret

    -Quae est inscriptio tua electronica?

    -Quae tua inscriptio electronica / inscriptio cursualis electronica est?

    -Bene / optime latine (in lingua Latina) scribis.

    and b) Give a point to three students / et b) Punctum notare aliis tribus discipulis.


    Here you are the rubric with which you will be evaluate (click on the image):

    Ecce rubrica ad valorandum opus tuum