5. Our Logo /Nostrum Signum

  •  Now that we know each other, now that we are going to work together, now it's time to create a logo that identifies as Romans finding Remus.


    1.Each student creates his/her logo proposal using webtools or by hand. When it's done, he/she posts it to the forum in his school thread. Students can advertise their logo in English through the forum, or in the classroom using flyers, posters, etc

    Quisque Discipulus / quaeque discipula facit propositum signi sui, manibus vel organis sitorum interretialium infra usis. Hoc facto, discipulus / discipula proponit opus disputandum in foro disputationis scholae suae. Discipuli possunt laudare signum eorum in foro disputationis vel in schola cum libellis vel imaginibus scriptis in lingua Britannica. 

     - Webtool to create logos/ Siti interretiales ad signum faciendum 


    2. Each school chooses by voting (mentimeter) two logos that will represent them in the grand final. The results are displayed on the page.

    Quaeque schola eligit duo signa factura imagines eTwinniensis Incepti, sito interretiale (mentimeter) uso. Exitus suffragii in sito interretiali eTwinniensis Incepti publicatur. 


    3. A final vote (twinboard) is made with two 2 logos by school. The winning logo is proclaimed.

    Duo signa cujusque scholae proponuntur ad ultimum suffragium (twinboard). Signum elictum publicatum est. 



    Here you are the rubric with which you will be evaluate (click on the image):

    Ecce rubrica ad valorandum opus tuum