9. Building the city of the future / De urbe aedificando in posterum

  • Romulus and Remus are going to build a new city, Rome. And instead of fighting among themselves they decide to collaborate, just like we do!. 

    Romulus et Remus novam urbem, Romam, aedificaturi sunt. Pro pugna inter eos, adivare una constituunt, eodem modo ac hodie facimus.

    They need your ideas to make Rome a city of the future. These ideas should address environmental sustainability, accessibility, enhancement of cultural or heritage values and technology.

    Tuae ideae iis necesse sunt, ut Roma in posterum urbs sit. His ideis res agendae sunt ut tuitio mundi ambientis, accessus facilis, culturalia bona et patrimonialia validiora efficere et etiam tecnologiam.

    Instructions:/ Praecepta:


    1. The students in their international groups propose ideas in a meetingwords (each team their own) and choose one. They vote and choose the one that seems most suitable to build a city of the future.

    1. Discipuli in gregibus omnium gentium ideas proponunt in spatio meetingwords (quisque grex in suo spatio) et unam eligunt. Suffragia ferunt et eam, quae iis aptiora esse ad urbem in posterum aedificandam videntur, eligunt.


    2. In English, they develop the idea in a presentation, using Canva or Smore. All presentations are uploaded to the Twinboard.

    2. In lingua Anglica ideam in exhibitione amplificant et ad hoc programmaturis applicativis “Canva  vel Smore” utuntur. Omnes exhibitiones in spatio “Twinboard” collocantur.


    3.Finally, all the ideas will be collected in a virtual exhibition by teachers.

    3. Omnes ideae in virtuali exhibitione colligentur.


    Here you are the rubric with which you will be evaluate (click on the image): / Ecce rubrica ad valorandum opus tuum:

    Enjoy this activity!

  • Presentations: The city of the future

    The infinitus Fons Aquae Project
    Roma futura
    The city of the future, Emma R.
    Building a city of the future. Ayline P
    Familia quarta
    Building the city of the future

    Familia prima



    famila secunda
    Familia Octava
    Familia sexta
    Ideas for the city of the future

    Famila septima.

    Ideas for the city of the future

    Familia Tertia

    Familia prima

    Building the cita of the future

    Our city of the future
    Sustainable Rome
    Building our city of the future