3. Who's Remus? / Quis est Remus?

  • Salvete, amici et amicae!

    In this project that we started, we are going to look for Remus and his legacy in mythology, in advertising, in the words that come out of our mouths.

    But before we start we must ask ourselves and ask: Who is Remus?


    1. You have to do a short video survey asking other students, parents, teachers who Remus is. They and you can use your mother tongue. In order to preserve students privacy, the faces of our students don’t have to appear in the video. In the same way, if the interviewee is a student, he can turn his back. (In any case, you can interview your parents, neighbors, people on the street, etc.)


    a) The student previously informs the interviewee that he must answer something, the first thing that comes to mind (an answer such as "I don't know" is not valid)

    b) In the video, all you have to do is ask the question: ("Do you know who Remo is?) and the intervviewee gives the answer

    2. You must upload your video to a padlet (see the subpage). Click on (+) and write your name and School and add the video. If your video is too big, you need to upload it to your Drive previously. Then, click right button and selec "Get link". Choose "everyone can view the video" and get the link. Finally go to the padlet , click on (+) , write your name and school and select link. Here paste the link of your video