Finding Remus / De Remo Quaerendo


"Finding Remus" is an eTwinning project focused on discovering through the founder of Rome our own Roman identity. The project will be developed in English and Latin, from a communicative perspective, and with the explicit goal of experimenting with various active methodologies in collaborative and European contexts. The objectives of our project are the following: Recognize and find Remus in everything that surrounds us, that is, classical antiquity, the connection between our Roman past and Europe Approach Latin from a communicative perspective but always closely linked to the Curriculum. Experimenting with some of the current active methodologies, always in European collaborative contexts, using the eTwinning platform and always putting the realization of products born of collaboration as our goal, Work the different Key Competences, Show the usefulness of eTwinning to the community of Classical teachers, showing step by step the development of activities in a collaborative context

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