The Council of the Wise

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    The Council of the Wise consists of the Elderly Wizard and his 8 Deputies, one in each neighbourhood.


       And the name of our Elderly Wizard is:

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    All the wizards have chosen a Deputy Wizard who is responsible for the neighbourhood and its inhabitants. One of these Deputies will be elected Wizman by the wizards. Together with the Deputies they will decide on the most important affairs of the new city and the planet! But who is the Wizman? The wizards are now asked to elect the Wizman. Here is a video with the 8 Deputies proposed by the 8 neighbourhoods. Watch the video closely and vote for the best Wizman! Who looks wiser? More serious? More able to handle the new city's problems? Who's got the best ideas for our wizards?


    The wizards are going to make a VoiceThread about all the Deputies. There are 2 slides for each Deputy. The first will have his picture and name and one of the creators will record their introduction of him. In the second slide there will be his word cloud and the partner wizards will have to guess his life based on the key words.