BoomWriter story

  • Horror and Fantasy fonts  The winner of our competition for the BoomWriter story start is the Silver Team from Patra! Congratulations! Their story start is the first chapter of our common book. The rest of the story is up to you.

    Every month the teams write what they think should be the next chapter. BoomWriter voting system determines the winning chapter. This process continues until the story is completed. Once finished, the story can be published and a physical copy of a book can be ordered from the site.

    While working on their story, the teams also have the ability to create their own “Boomer” (avatar) and earn participation Boomer Bucks allowing them to upgrade and accessorize their character. 

    Created with Padlet


    We finished writing our story and BoomWriter converted the piece into a published book that can be purchased from the BoomWriter bookstore. It costs $ 9.99. 



                                                                         Our avatars



    Online version of our BoomWriter book



                                                                      BoomWriter Games 



    Do you know the key words of our BoomWriter Story? Check it. Choose the button, click on it, learn and play.  



                                                      BoomWriter Final Quiz (Kahoot) 

    This is a game checking the knowledge of our BoomWriter book. It is a Kahoot quiz for the whole team/class. The teachers click on this link or the picture below (they have to sign up for free) . The students visit and then enter the game pin that the teacher will give them to join the activity. They do not have to have a Kahoot account.The questions as well as a score board are displayed on the teacher's screen. The students respond to through any device that has a browser (mobiles/tablets/laptops/computers).