Wizards' Festival

  • The Council of the Wise has decided to have a new Festival in Wizzville. So they gather to discuss this issue and arrange all the details! (password: 'wall')


    The Deputies that consist the Council of the Wise have collaboratively made decisions for the Festival and Borniphen, the Council's Secretary is announcing them. Listen, Wizards, and do what they wish!




                                        Fortune telling task!

    Wizards are asking questions about their future!!! They record their questions and wizards from another neighbourhood help Wizman predict their future and answer the questions! They have a special deck of cards with answers which they randomly pick and 'see' the future!



    Obviously wizards love magic tricks!!! So their Council of the Wise decided to organise a competition in Wizzyland! Which wizards can perform the most spectacular tricks? Only a competition can answer this question! On the day of Wiztricks, the new Festival on the planet, each group of wizards performs 2 special tricks! Then all the wizards watch the tricks carefully and vote for their 3 most favourite ones!!! But, of course, they can't vote for their own! Let's watch the best magicians of the planet!



    And the winners of the Wiztricks competition are:

    Walja and Klaudia!!!!

    Congratulations!! You were fantastic!



    The wizards of Wizzville celebrated their Festival, Wiztricks on the 7th of May, the European Day of eTwinning! 10 years of eTwinning were celebrated by our wizards who blew balloons and formed the phrase eTwinning 10 in various ways!

    A real Festival!