Christmas on Wizzyland

  • Wizards celebrate their first Christmas on Wizzyland. They want to celebrate Christmas in a new way with many different traditions! So they need to find the traditions of the other wizards as well! Then they can talk about at least one tradition that is their own only and no other partner has during Christmas! So they need to communicate with each other via Skype or the Forum or the chatroom in order to find that one tradition they only have and write about it on the padlet board below! 


    The wizards have Wizman as their planet's Santa! So they write letters to him describing their good and bad habits and asking him for a gift! Wizman needs the help of his Deputies to read all the letters and make his two lists, one with 'very good' wizards and one with just 'good' wizards who need a bit more work on their habits!

    So, the wizards upload their letters on Wizman's letterbox (Twinspace) and then his Deputies (the other wizards!) read them and make the decisions! Here is what the wizards did for their first Christmas on Wizzyland!