Our new planet

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    The wizards arrive at their new planet! Everything is blue! They are excited! Firstly, they play a quiz about it! It's a quiz with the song 'Blue'.


    But then they realize that they don't really like that name! They decide to change it as it is not going to be a blue planet after their arrival! It is going to have many colours! So, they vote for a new name!

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    What is the new planet like? The Wizards drew maps of it and  each partner proposed their 2 best maps! Then the wizards had to choose the best map with a vote!




    And here is the winning planet map. Now each partner is assigned a different part. They all give names to the landmarks of the area and add a very short description on the planet map. They also add a short description of their flowers there with their flowers' names.



    Wizzyland has got very unusual animals! Each partner made such an animal using this site. Then another partner watched the animal picture carefully and made a fact file about this animal and placed it on their chosen area of the planet map. All the pictures and fact files were included in the following collaborative ebook:


    A glimpse of the past! 

    The wizards made a very strange discovery! A box with clippings from a past newspaper!! The wizards read them to find what happened on Blue Planet in the past!

    (Our wizards made the clippings and drew a picture to accompany their clipping! They wrote the clippings in turns, the first was made by Patra, the second, by Giurgiu, then Daugavpils, Zambrow, Inca, Slatina and Bjelovar!)


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