As all of you, the Wizards, have to return to your countries now, it seems that it is the end of your adventures. You couldn’t be more wrong! You are famous now. Nobody else knows Wizzyland better than you. You are the ONLY experts! That's why your help is invaluable. Some of the travel agencies want to offer space holidays soon and all of you have  been chosen to create advertising materials for the next World's Fair on Wizzyland. You should put together all the gathered information in the form of a visual presentation. How would you persuade someone to travel to Wizzyland?  


    All our teams are different Experts who will be responsible for researching specific information about Wizzyland: travel consultant, chef, historian, architect, artist, geographer, botanist, zoologist, tour guide, linguist, etc. You will collect interesting facts and information about Wizzyland. You can also let your imagination run free and provide useful information such as: the best spots to visit, the best time to go, the best hotel, the best restaurant with delicious local food to taste, the sports activities available on Wizzyland (i.e. swimming, snorkelling, climbing, hiking, exploring, sunbathing), cultural activities, a historical site, etc. When you gather all the sufficient information, all the teams/experts will work together to create a presentation for people at the Fair to view, making everyone more aware of this fascinating mysterious planet. At the same time, your group will create a virtual poster about your specific area to attract tourists to it!


    Step One

    Choose Your Roles:  All our teams will be divided into specific Expert roles (each team has to choose 2 roles and write them on the Padlet wall below).


    Each Expert (team) is responsible for specific information:  


    • Travel Consultant - Distance from the Earth to the capital of the planet, the best means of transport to get there.

    • Tour Guide - What is the planet famous for and what are the most interesting places to visit?

    • Historian - Describe a historical event of the planet (read Blue Chronicles) and a historical landmark.

    • Geographer - Location of the planet, climate, natural resources.

    • Botanist - Present plants of the planet.

    • Zoologist - Present animals of the planet.

    • Architect - Design the best hotel on Wizzyland, choose its place on our wikia map, give some information about it.

    • Chef - Design a menu for the hotel restaurant consisting of one dish from each partner country and one or two local dishes (invented by the chef).

    • Artist 1 - Design a coat of arms for Wizzville.

    • Artist 2 - Draw 2 different landscapes of northern Wizzyland (cooperate with Geographer  and Tour Guide).

    • Artist 3 - Draw 2 different landscapes of southern Wizzyland (cooperate with Geographer  and Tour Guide).

    • Linguist  - Present 10 words/expressions in each partner's language, English and the Wizzish language (write them on the special board so that other teams can help you with their languages).

    • Interior Designer - Design a room for the hotel, give some information about it.

    • Presentation Cover Artist  - Design an interesting cover for our common presentation.


    Remember each Expert is required to find specific information or if it is not possible - invent it!


    Step Three:  Once you have decided on your Expert roles, you can begin your individual research.  So go through all of our TwinSpace pages to collect essential information, study Wizzyland's map carefully and ... let your  imagination run wild.


    Step Four:  When all your research is completed, you and the other Experts will begin compiling and sharing all the information. As a group decide on which information should be used in our common final presentation (Google Presentation) to best catch the visitors' imagination. Be creative!


    Step Five: Choose the name for your team’s region. Create a poster about it.






    Your team work will be evaluated by the other teams:

    0 - 5 points:  Your team has selected 2 roles

    0 - 15 points: Your team has created at least two eye-catching slides of our common presentation (at least one for each role) with all the required interesting information.  

    0 - 10: Your team has created an attractive poster promoting your region of Wizzyland



    Congratulations! Mission accomplished! The visitors to the Fair are very happy with your presentation and poster! A lot of them want to visit Wizzyland.  


                   Our collaborative final presentation about Wizzyland  



    Posters promoting our regions of Wizzyland

    A New Poster

    Evaluation Table

    Team Roles Presentation Poster Total
    Brown Wizards 5 15 10 30
    Gold Wizards 5 15 10 30
    Green Wizards 5 15 10 30
    Orange Wizards 5 15 0 20
    Red Wizards 0 0 0 0
    Silver Wizards 5 15 10 30
    Yellow Wizards 5 15 0 20