Who are the wizards?


                 Wizards leave from 8 different schools and fly to our new planet!

    • The wizards introduce themselves and the schools, the cities and the countries they come from. They make a video with pictures and short introductions and pictures from their spaceship.

    • Each partner chooses a new colour and makes hats and wands with this colour!

    • Afterwards, they take a quiz with questions about their partners! Who has been more careful? Who has been more interested in the new partnership? 

    • They are so happy to be on a new planet and start a new life together that they write a magic song and sing it to celebrate their friendship and partnership!!!




    The Orange wizards



                                                The Gold wizards



    The Yellow wizards



    The Green wizards


        The Silver wizards


    The Purple wizards




    The Red wizards



    The Brown wizards




    'Who are the wizards?' (a quiz)

    The wizards take a quiz to see how much they've learned about their partners!