Our city


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      The wizards build their new city. But what is the name of the city? The wizards use the following board where they suggest their favourite names for their new city!!!


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                                     Around the city centre they build their neighbourhoods. All partners choose a place around the city centre and describes their new neighbourhood!


    But, what buildings are there in the city centre and what can the wizards do there? In the following padlet they all suggest buildings and places for their common city centre! How do the wizards imagine it?


    The wizards draw their neighbourhood and upload their best map on Thinglink. Then they publish their interactive images on the following padlet. They all look at each other's neighbourhood and ask questions about them. They answer the questions posed for their neighbourhood. That way they all get to know each other better!



    The wizards build an Art Gallery for their drawings! They exhibit their artistic work and they collaborate with the other wizards in their creation. They particularly like online drawing with the colorillo tool! Visit their Art Gallery and enjoy their talent!!

    Wizzville Art Gallery - Kizoa Video Maker


    The wizards draw their city centre! The best architects do their best to draw the most imaginative city centre! The rest of the wizards look at all the drawings and vote for the best ones!


    The wizards voted for the best design of their city centre and the winning design was the one created by the Orange Wizard Dominiks of Latvia!! Dominiks is 'The Exceptional Architect of Wizzville!' Congratulations, Dominiks!