Our Magic Gardens

  • The wizards send one another seeds or bulbs together with Wizman. They plant these seeds and bulbs and start creating their magic gardens!

    But how were these flowers made? The wizards decide to start writing the legend behind each flower! So, in the following titanpads (the password is always 'wall', our project's name!), each group of wizards starts writing their flower's legend. They write only one paragraph. The next paragraph is written by another group and the last paragraph by a third group! So each legend is the collaborative work of 3 groups of wizards.

    When the legends are finished, each group of wizards make their own ebook with Little Bird Tales service, adding the whole legend and pictures they draw and recording the story with their own voices!


    The legend of Freesia by the wizards of Patra, Inca & Giurgiu 



    The Legend of Crocus by the wizards of Zambrów, Daugavpils & Slatina


    The Legend of Hyacinth by the wizards of Giurgiu, Bjelovar & Zambrów


    The Legend of Red Begonia by the wizards of Inca, Giurgiu & Bjelovar


    The Legend od Daisy by the wizards of Slatina, Patra & Inca


    Test your knowledge of our Flower Legends with this fun Kahoot quiz.


    Read the following stories using the password 'wall'