Wizzy QR Treasure Hunt

  • Horror and Fantasy fonts

    The wizards love playing games so the Council of the Wise has decided to organise a Treasure Hunt competition for them!

    Beginning on the 11th of May, and for 2 weeks, they can read questions on this page which they'll answer watching the videos, presentations and posts on our Twinspace! They will write their answer in the FORUM, the Treasure Hunt, as a reply to each question!


    The questions will be in the form of QR codes! To read the code, they will have to use a QR Reader!

    Such a QR Reader can be found online or can be downloaded on your mobile device. Look at some of these QR Code Readers: NeoReader, I-Nigma, Kaywa




    Outlined Text Generator at TextSpace.net

    23 points: Dimitris K (Patra) & Jan K (Zambrow)

    15 points: Lena (Zambrow)

    13 points: Giorgos (Patra) & Mihai (Slatina)

    12 points: Klaudia (Zambrow), Marianna (Daugavpils)

    11 points: Izabela (Zambrow), Marilena (Patra), Mario (Giurgiu), Viktorija (Daugavpils), Zuzanna (Zambrow)

    10 points: Christos (Patra), Weronika (Zambrow)

    9.5 points: Omayma (Inca)

    9 points: Sebi (Giurgiu)

    8 points: Anastasis (Patra), Konstantinos (Patra), Maria (Patra), Valerija (Daugavpils)

    7.5 points: Ariadni (Patra), Irene (Patra)

    7 points: Kostas (Patra), Sandra (Inca)

    6.5 points: Eliza (Daugavpils)

    5 points: Raquel (Inca)

    4.5 points: Tereze (Daugavpils)

    4 points: Ainhoa (Inca), Danae (Patra), Dionisis (Patra), Gabriel (Slatina), Nikola (Zambrow)

    3.5 points: Pau P (Inca)

    3 points: Miruna (Giurgiu)

    2.5 points: Antigoni (Patra)

    2 points: Anna (Daugavpils), Ilias (Patra), Leonarda (Bjelovar), Matija (Bjelovar), Paula (Daugavpils), Stefan (Slatina)

    1.5 points: Matko (Bjelovar)

    1 point: Andreea (Slatina), Andrei (Slatina), Antonio (Slatina), Bianca (Slatina), Bianca-Elena (Slatina), Catalin (Slatina), Christian-Viorel (Slatina), Dominiks (Daugavpils), Elena (Slatina), Ernest (Bjelovar), Florentin (Slatina), Lorena (Bjelovar), Luca (Slatina), Mario (Slatina), Mihaita (Slatina), Nicholas (Slatina), Niklavs (Daugavpils), Nina (Bjelovar), Raivis (Daugavpils), Robert (Slatina)

    0.5 point: Ivan (Bjelovar)