Exchanges topic n°3

  • All the students working on the subject of wolf counting shared their work and research results. Pertuis presented his slide show. In turn, the pupils explained their counting method. It consists of making a grid of the area and counting the number of wolves in certain squares. Using a rule of proportionality, it is possible to estimate the number of wolves in the whole park. They then presented their simulation programme with the measurement of the error.
    Then Alès presents her slide show. The approach is different, they capture n wolves which they mark and release. Then they count n2 individuals at random and look at the proportion of marked wolves among the n2. From this they are able to give an approximate value. It seems that simulations have been done with rice.
    The next step is to contact the reserves to try and compare their model with reality and improve their methods by adding coefficients according to the nature of the soil (water, housing, etc.)