The International Day of Mathematics @CNER

  • The International Day of Mathematics was celebrated today in CNER Cluj-Napoca through the online event "Maths Careers". The speaker at this event was David Manta who studied Computer science at the University of Bristol.

    "I studied various subjects and was mainly attracted to more theoretical courses, such as computability theory, where mathematics and computer science combine very nicely. We studied statistics and its applications (machine learning, computational genomics), algorithms, programming, and others more specific to the field. In the meantime I have worked in various roles: programmer, university assistant, research assistant, and now I work in a financial company on a trading desk." - David Manta

    After talking to students about his maths-learning experience, about how maths helps people understand data, he presented some maths professions: programmers, financial analysts, operation analysts. The interactive presentation and the Q&A session were of great interest to our students.