About our students

  • Students involved in the MaSuD project

    Students of Pertuis 2020

    26 student volunteers, from the second to the final year of secondary school, work on research subjects at the Lycée Val de Durance.

    Students from Cluj-Napoca 2020

    39 students work on the research topics at Colegiul Național Emil Racoviță Cluj-Napoca. They are all high-school students who decided to voluntarily register to the MaSuD (online) research workshop.

    Students of Pertuis 2021

    40 volunteer students from the second to the last year of secondary school embarked on a new MaSuD year at Val de Durance high school

    Students from Cluj-Napoca 2021

    55 high-school students from Colegiul Național Emil Racoviță Cluj-Napoca voluntarily registered to the MaSuD research workshop. They started their research journey in September 2021.