About our schools

  • Here is some information about our schools

    The MaSuD project brings our students the opportunity to engage their mathematical knowledge to find solutions that meet the acute need of our society for sustainable development. The problem of abusive felling of forests is critical in Romania, the forest fund being in increasing suffering.

    Colegiul Național ”Mihai Eminescu” from Satu Mare manages 773 students, from lower and upper secondary education, with 3 specializations: Mathematics and Computer Science, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. The high school faculty consists of
    49 teachers, most of them having decades of teaching experience.

    Colegiul National “Emil Racoviţă” (CNER) has been established in 1919 and it is one of the oldest and most outstanding schools in the town, specialized in mathematics-computer science and natural sciences profiles.
    In our school, there are 989 students, learning in 12 high-school classes, 12 lower secondary-school classes, 13 primary-school classes, and 67 highly qualified teachers.

    The MaSuD project is contributing to reaching all the school's strategic targets and the aim of our school by putting together the math research workshop (with its methodology) and the education for sustainable development. In Cluj-Napoca, environmental issues are extremely complex and cover different sectors.

    Bellevue- Marie High School is a private Catholic school under contract with the state and under the supervision of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary, present in Alès since 1816.
    The school consists of a secondary school and a high school with respectively 718 secondary school students and 577 high school students for a total of 1295 students and post-baccalaureate studies towards a BTS (=HND) and 40 NTS students for a total of 1335.
    We teach students aged 11 to 23 with all sorts of skills and originating from various social backgrounds. Four sections are dedicated to students with special educational needs: physically and learning difficulties. High on the school agenda are environmental concerns, the preservation of natural resources and the reintegration of nature within the living environment  of the school, as well as raising our students' awareness about environmental issues : The MaSuD project is an illustration of this.

    Besides, the MaSuD project is included and is a  component of the mathematics laboratory.


    The Lycée Val de Durance manages 1250 students (52% girls), from the 10th grade to the technological or general final year. It also has a vocational education section. It is the only high school in Pertuis (20 000 inhabitants). This establishment offers many specialities including plastic art and computer science. It also has the particularity of having a mathematics laboratory, one of the actions of which is the MaSuD project.