Seminar on November 27th

  • A researcher in Mathematics at
    Bellevue – Marie Rivier School


            On 26 November 2020, we had the great pleasure and honour to welcome in our school, Mr Serge Dumont, mathematician and researcher from the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). Our apprentice researchers were then given the opportunity to get help and advice from him.

           Students from each group presented the progress of their research and could benefit from Mr Dumont's explanation and academic knowledge. Mr Dumont could recognise the relevance of our students' progress in their work while suggesting new ideas and new approaches in their research. Owing to the current health crisis, he could only meet students from year 10, 12 and 13.

              The subjects from which we were able to benefit from his expertise are :
        ⁃    How to count a population of wolves
        ⁃    Optimising the electricity consumption of the school
        ⁃    Solar panels

    More meetings are planned. We hope they can take place physically.