Geo "carpets" in groupwork

  • A a huge carpet of many nice pattern (groupwork in Corona times) GER, POL

    Students have started a new project. They are working on clomplex pattern and get to know the way of dynamic construction that remain stable when dragging basic (blue) points. Students like it!

    It takes some time when students create 9 different pattern but after that work they will know a lot about (dynamic) constructions and most important commands.

    part of work from Madeleine, GER

    Here is the worksheet  (GER) that you may use or adapt to your needs (*.doc).

    Here are two posters - created at home - of artwork from different students. 

    carpet 1

    carpet 2

    carpet 3

  • Your comments ...

    The Magic of Geometry

    It's amazing how beautiful things can you create with a very simple shapes and colors. German students, great work.

    Eka from Georgia

    You create miracles. thank you

    "It's really art!"

    This was a comment done by an art teacher in my school who is not engaged in this Project. She asked me to post her comment to all stuzdents from GER, POL, CRO who worked for these posters. Monika, GER

    Carpet 1

    It is beautiful : )

    Emma,Paulina and Ola from Poland

    To the "polish carpet"

    the colours and pattern look really great.(Matteo, GER)