First steps - our work

  • Project 1: GeoGebra art with isometric coordinate systems


    We started making art at GeoGebra.

    1. We used the coordinate system as the basis for our work.
    2. In the first steps, we used polygon, length, and circle commands.
    3. We exported the picture and painted it in Paint.

    More of our works:


    Students used regular polygons, midpoints, segments, ... . Them they created artwork by colouring with PAINT.

    Here: GeoGebra files in a BOOK

    Here: Students' coloured artwork in a PPT




    As all students in the class are working on this task we also publish collection done in different groups.

    Project 3: Mondrian Puzzle (GER)

    By chance I have found a nice Mondiran puzzle and have constructed a GeoGebra file that you can download from our GeoGebra space.


    Students can inform about PIET Mondrian (rely art and maths) and can use it to make nice pictures Mondrian style. 

    I also intend to let my student collect nice tasks around the puzzle (special dimensions, reduction of different numbers of forms or forms in general. If you like to participate please let me know.


  • comments ...

    File with isometric coordinate system

    I have made a zip-file with this sort of coordinate system. You can download the GeoGebra-file. unfortunately we cannot upload ggb-files.


    There are some photos that I have taken with cubes. Students can make own pictures, too that can be modeled with GeoGebra by students ofall countries. Tasks can also be given like "Model an Arrangement of 5,... blocks, that has only 2 blocks in the height" or …
    At the end we have a puzzle of tasks, GeoGebra and coloured artwork from all schools - a real cooperation!

    PPT presentation for common cube work

    I have made a PPT and prepared some slides for our common work. Each of you who likes to contribute can put pics on the different pages. Each slide should be done by different countries .
    DEADLINE: 7. march (if you agree)

    Can we extend the deadline. If no one else arrives, my students will be happy to take other pictures. (Antonela)

    Dear CRO students,

    my students will be inspired by your work and will write some comments for you, next week.(Monika, GER)

    Thanks Monika. We will take a look at all the works on Monday. (Antonela)

    Common presentation getting to know GeoGebra

    Dear Antonella, thank you for arranging the work from all countries in the Project in a Storyjumer presentation! my students are very poud to see their artwork there! Monika, teacher at PGU Unna


    the works are wonderful. If I forgot any work, please let me know. There are so many. Maybe I missed something. (Antonela)

    Mondrian Puzzle

    Monica, we will try to make pictures modeled on Mondrian. We will also explore his work. Interesting task. Thank you. (Cro)

    Mondrian Puzzle

    It's a pity that we do not had enough time (Colin, GER)