Animations - geometric art

  • This is a first animation constructed by Julian (GER).

    As everything only could be done (in Corona times) by students at home I decided to introduce and explain first geometric animations.  I have drafted a worksheet to explain how easy it works to animate points. Here is the worksheet in English.

    GeoGebra Book animation from students of different countries.

  • Comments, discussion about RESULTS

    Plan for a new project: moving objects

    Are you interested in doing a common project using animations in GeoGebra to show mooving object in real life surroundings? It can be a duck in a pont, a flying carpet, …
    If YES, I will draft a worksheets with step by step explications how if works sucessfully! Pleasse answer on this twinboard! Monika, GER

    Comment from Croatia

    We are interested. I'd love to see a worksheet. Antonela

    comment from Serbia

    We are interested, too. Svetlana

    comment from Geogia

    I am interested too. Eka/Georgia

    Hello Polish students,

    interesting animations. We will try to do the same! Thank you for your ideas! Students, PGU Unna


    Do you have to go in with the Curriculum as quick as possible? Tell us!

    Polish students

    Your wars are very nice, thanks
    Saba, Georgia