Art with tools - some projects

  • Project 1: GeoGebra houses in a landscape

    The idea is to create tools for different houses and put GeoGebra houses - easily created with the tools - in a photo of a real landscape (street, city, country side, ...). The houses look very nice if they are coloures.

    There is a worksheet who to do this step by step.



    If you do not manage to create exactly working tools you can download this one  which contains some tools which are ready to use. 

    This picture has been created by Malte (GER).


    Akhmeta public school N2, Georgia

    this picture was created by Saba


    Project 2: GeoGebra flowers with a tool ready to use (GER)

    The idea in 3 steps: original pic, GeoGebra work, coloured with PAINT


    Have a look at this tutorial. This file just has the tool in it and you can start with your own creation!

                         Akhmeta public school N2, Georgia                     PGU Unna, Germany                      

    creates by the use of Bezier tool and PAINT at the end

    Project 3: Tools from students for students (GER)

    Using these two easy tools you can create wonderful flowers.Here are the first results!


    Tino (GER)


    Jeldrik (GER)

     There is also another tool that you can use! This picture is created by using the "egg tool". 

    The video expains how it works!



    Systems of linear equations - art through mathematics (CRO)


    Students were required to draw an image of their choice in the coordinate system (on paper or GeoGebra). They determined the points in the coordinate system by which that image was determined.

    The next step was to write a task and systems whose solutions are the coordinates of these points.

    After that, they set the task with the systems, the place to solve it and the solution in a document, where they also practiced writing equations in Word.

    In front of you is a book showing their work and a download document.

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    Did you use the videos? Are they clear enough for you? For your students? Woth distance learning everything has to be explained very detailed?!

    Eka, Georgia

    Thank you Monika, My students are using your videos to learn work with Geogebra, during online learning your tutorials help a lot.

    Akhmeta public school N2, Georgia

    This is a very creative work! ♡

    Emma, Ola and Paulina from Poland

    regarding the project. Schools from Poland Nadia,Maks,Kuba

    a beautiful works and good job

    comment to flowers

    I like all flowers from Germany. They look very complicated. You are very progressed. and you, Monika, have very good ideas! Congratulation!

    Thanks to ....

    thje unknow author of a this nice comment fro me! I really like to work with this Software and i like to teach a lot of tipps to my students. Monika, Project coordinator


    are in the zip-file in materials -> documents. (Monika)