... from Germany

  • Here are our Avatars that we created by using Avatarmaker. next week we will start to write about us in our profiles.

    So you can find our profiles:

    1. Look here and keep the first name of the student your are interested in in mind. 
    2.  Go to members and look fro the first name of your students. The first names are ordered alphabetically. 
    3.  Click on the name. Then you can read the profile left of the page. 
    4. You may leave a message? I am sure that the student will be delighted to get a message from you!
  • Have a look at our Avatars! You can also use this twinboard for greetings to Germany!

    I'm Jeldrik

    I will complete my profile soon!

    I'm Bahara from Germany.
    I' m Torben(GER)
    My name is Tino (GER)
    My name is Niels (GER)
    SARA (GER)
    my name is Sophie (GER)
    Matteo (GER)
    I'm Madeleine (GER)
    I am Liam (GER)
    I'm Colin (GER)
    My name is Finn (GER)
    I'm Julian (GER)
    I'm ADA (GER)
    My name is Adrian (GER)
    My name is Malte (GER)
    I'm the teacher

    My name is Monika Schwarze. I teach mathematics, computer science and biology at Pestalozzi Gymnasium in Unna. I like to work with GeoGebra very much and i create each time a lot of ideas for work. I am happy if my students really like my idea and have fun!