Start with GeoGebra


    • GeoGebra can be used online or downloaded. For you students Geogebra Classic 5 is very suitable and can be used from an USB-stick, too. 
    • GeoGebra is a dynamic geometry software. So normally no measurements and a coordinate system are necessary. For beginners the coordinate system allows avoiding pependicular lines for angles of 90°.  
    • First discoveries can be done by using command like "circle with point and midpoint, segments, lines, midpoints, line,points of intersection, polygons". important is that students see that dynamic constructions are the best (not using segments and circles of a fixed length). 
    • Important tools at the beginning are hiding and labeling objects and how to colour lines and areas (polygons have to be created before colouring).
    •  Somestimes it is easier to color a construction at the end by using PAINT.



    There are a lot of tutorials in different languages on the internet. 



    These three constructions might be nice to get in touch with some important features of GeoGebra.

    1. using coordinate system 2. dynamic, without
    coordinate system
    3. more complex but artful


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    First step

    In our first steps, we will rely on the coordinate system as the basis for our artwork. I hope we will come to more complex work soon.

    How to embed GeoGebra on TS

    1. Go to your Profile
    2. select an activity and click the three dots in the corner - go to Edit Activity
    3. select the Share command
    4. You can choose Link or Embed code.
    The video in link below show the process. (CRO)

    version of GeoGebra

    There are different versions of GeoGebra. As my students are Beginners I first will use the downloaded version of "GeoGebra 5". Students have it on their USB-Sticks and we are Always independent from the internet. I collect students' files (the most interesting ones") in our network and at the beginning it's me who will upload it or embed it. (Monika)

    question to you

    how old are you?

    First step

    I bulid my favourite cartoon characters with figures. I enjoyed it very much. Mati (POL)