• At the end of this "Corona" half-term it was difficult to ask each student to fill out an evaluation paper for some schools.So teachers of all countries decided to ask students about their experiences during online sessions (if schools used a platform). Each teacher will write and publish then a report about this oral questionnaire. 

    Germany: Students (20)  who had only a minimum of experience with geogebra before starting the project were interviewed via videoconference in TEAMS about the project. the results:

    • Which tasks did you like most?
    • the tasks "carpet" and  "real animations" and "flowers" are the project that  students liked most 
    • Was it interesting for you to work with GeoGebra in an eTwinning project togehter with other european students? WHY?
      YES 13 students SO SO 4  students 1 NO My english is not so good

    •  What was most interesting for you in the project?  
        - to see if I can adapt things in my own work
        - to see how others manage hard tasks
        - to get in touch with other students
        - to learn more about etwinning and TS (first project for me)

    •  Are you personally content with your contribution to the project?
        YES,  very much (8)   YES, it was ok (5)      partly (3)      
        NO, i could have done more and better (2)

    • Would you recommend the project for the next class?
      YES (15)  I DON'T KNOW (3)   NO (1)

    At the end we had time to make an evaluation by surveymonkey! 

    evaluation GER.docx

    Here is the evaluation that we as teachers commonly drafted and filled out. 



    Attached is a document with the results of the evaluation. The study was attended by 12 students. Here are their comments on the project.

    Evaluation - CRO.docx



    Polish students have finished their project activity by filling the final form. Here are the results:

    1) How did you like the project LOGS?

    2) Which tasks did you like most?

    • colored carpet (3)
    • building with cubes (2)
    • all (1)
    • real animation (1)
    • I don't know (1)

    3) How do you like works of students from another countries?

    • Fascinating and very interesting 
    • Original
    • Creative
    • Very beautiful
    • Colorful and pretty

    4) Do you think that using Geogebra helps you in geometry studing?

    • Yes (5)
    • So so (3)

    5) What did you gain from projects with students from different countries?

    • I can see diferent ways of thinking and working
    • I can learn new words
    • Friends from another countries and fun
    • Differentes ways of learning
    • New ideas
    • I learn differents languages and I like to work with students from other countries.
    • New friends
    • I learned different ways to do my tasks.


  • comments, ...

    Comment from the project coordinator

    I am happy about the good feedback. You all have participated in a demanding project. And all of your students did a great work - be Beginners or advanced users of GeoGebra!

    I appreciate your and especially students will and power to continue in These ugly Corona time when there was less help because of distance learning as it would have been in the classroom.
    Students you work powerful and creative.
    Congratulation to all of us for this project.
    Monika Schwarze, Germany

    Eka Chabukashvili, Georgia

    Akhmeta public school N2
    It was really nice to work with you on the project activities, My students and I have learned a lot about Geogebra website, Our math lessons got more interesting and my students saw the beauty of math. Thank you, dear project partners, for such great collaboration.
    I interviewed my students about project, I asked the question,,would you recommend the project for a next classes" they answered,,yes, because it was very interesting to create with Geogebra".

    Antonela Matajić, CRO teacher

    Through the project, students deepened their knowledge of digital tools, mathematical objects and their relationships, and connected mathematics and art. The project was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, due to the situation with online teaching with the earthquake that took us away from the project for a while, we had difficult working conditions. In addition, the students worked with great enthusiasm. Colleagues were a great support and initiator of the project. We are glad that we participated and we hope for future cooperation.

    Monika Bem, Poland

    First of all I would like to thank all of you for cooperation and helping hands. It was very creative time. Thanks to the project I and my students discovered the power and beauty of geometry. We got to know the ways to move some objects and transform them with the tools of geometry. We created our own ideas of tasks.
    It was so fun!
    It was our first eTwinning project, but for sure not the last one. My students already proposed some new subjects. I hope to create new projects with you.
    See you in The Next One then.