Real life animations - comments

  • Each creator of an animation has put a lot of energy in his/her work. So each of us will be proud to get an answer: 

    • Which object do you mean?
    • Why do you like it?
    •  Do you like to try a similiar work?
    • What can be done better?
    • ...

    Don't forget to write down your first name and your country!

  • Comments ...

    to Polish students

    Your work is nice! How do you get all lines? Monika, GER

    Video from Till (GER)

    Till (GER) has tried out to record his Animation! Ciongratulations from your teacher!

    Students from Croatia, your animations look nice.

    your animations look nice. Simi (Ger)

    to all students

    you have made a amazing work, Eka from Georgia

    I like the eagle from Croatia!
    animation Matteo

    Nice job and an amazing idea. :) Nadia (POL)

    student from Georgia

    So nice work, Polish students are very clever, I like the Real life animations ,
    I will try to do something like that.

    Animation CUBA

    Dear Polish Student, I like your work very much. Nice Animation!
    Torben, GER

    "WINDMILL" from Tino

    Hi Tino, wonderful animation! This was not easy, isn't it? Monika

    to all German students

    You did a wonderful job! Monika

    to CRO: Thank you ...

    for your eastercards! (Adrian, GER)