First steps - students' comments

  • Here students communicate their first experiences with GeoGebra and comment and evaluate work from other students.


    • Please refer in the subject to which project (number) you will refer.
    • Don't forget to add your first name and country when you write on the twinboard!
  • Tell others about your first steps in GeoGebra! Do you like the work of other countries? Write a short comment!

    project 1: To CRO students

    Nice idea!
    What a nice idea to use an isometric coordinate system. I will draft a paper about building blocks with cubes by using this coordinate system. (Monika, GER)

    Project 1: to CRO students

    We like your work! It is art!!! Class 6, PGU Unna

    project 3: to Polish students

    Hello Polish students,
    Wasze Projekte sam fajne
    Julia 5A GERMANY (Moje rodzieze sam ze Polski)

    project 3: to Polish students

    Dear polish students
    Your projects is very good ,I like it. It's beautiful and very interesting.I want to create something like this because I like it and I want to learn this program and try to create something similiar.(Nikita from Kasachstan, new at PGU, grade 5)
    Thank you very much - Polish students.


    Witam polskich studentów,
    Wasze Projekte sam fajne
    Julia 5A NIEMCY (Moje rodzieze sam ze Polski
    ths is wery swit
    your project is wery good
    stanisław 5 polska

    project 1: to German students

    what a nice work! (Georgia)