• We are sailing to Ancient island at the moment.

    Here we will discover how our ancestors feed themselves and took care of their bodies.

    Did they eat the same like we do nowadays?

    How did they exercise?

    We will learn a lot about them after interviewing some old people and researching information.

    We will create a comic story and do a performance in order to bring the past to our present days.



    Here are our reporters interviewing their grandparents. 

    Notice the excellent work they did because they had to translate the questions and the answers into English due to most of the old people in our countries are not able to understand or speak English. 


    Laia F, Marta E and Laia V went to mrs Anita's house , a 90-year old woman who enjoyed having three young girls talking with her about her life in the past. But look! they ate some hot chocolate before the interview just to keep strong and good speaking ! 

    Thanks to Mrs Anita and Laia F's mother who recorded them very well!

    Here we can watch Laura B. interviewing her grandmother: they are so sweet!:

    Marta V, Mireia and Paula interviewed their grandmothers but first they present themselves as reporters of Nutri Fit Cruise!


    Here are Jana P, Jana T and Laura T interviewing Jana Perez's grandma.

    Well done girls!

    Mariona and Marta inteviewed Marta's grandmother.

    Now, it's time to Julia to interview her grandfather:

    And Laia  who interviews her grandmother who speaks Spanish:

    Greek reporters had another brilliant idea!!!!

    They decided to make interviews with their grandparents only by audio, as if they were invited to a radio programm. They asked them questions about the way they used to live and take care of their body, questions prepared by the Polish students!!

    Let's listen to them!!

    Andrianna interviewed her grandmother, Mahi. Her mother took a photo of them while speaking about old time....Andrianna, then translated the answers and recorded them.


    Konstantinos interviewed his grandfather, Dimitris. But he was very shy and gave the answers to Konstantinos' father to speak in front of the microphone!! Let's listen to him!


    Georgia and Dimos, the twins, interviewed their grandmom, Georgia. Then Georgia made the translation and gave the answers to her grandmother to read them while Dimos was making the questions!!

    Dimitra's grand mother live in Thessaloniki, but Dimitra decided to make her a call and interview her by phone. Then she proposed to her mother to speak in front of the microphone, repeating the answers in English....

    Dimitris P., Polytimi, Theologis and Ozge asked their grandparents about their habits when they were young and prepared written interviews. They alsotook a photo with them. Ozge's grandmother lives in a village. She phoned her to make the questions, but she didn't have the chance to take a photo with her.

    Let's read the interviews!!!


    It's time for Polish reporters!!! They were so enthusiastic about interviewing their grandparents that they decided to look deeper into the past and broaden all the exciting questions. They wanted to create a kind of  magazine which would contain the most important facts about past life. They were working in different ways. Some of them recorded their conversations, some of them made notes, but all the children translated their interviews into English and prepared a wonderful bulletin.

    Zuzia is talking to her grandfather Zdzisław

    Let's listen to Mateusz and his grandmother Renia

    Kacper had a very difficult task to do. At the same time he was both an interviewer and a cameraman and he cope with it perfectly!

    Dominika talked to his granddad Stasiu and Bartek interviewed his mum. They both were making notes and then translated their conversations into English.

    All the five reporters form Poland prepared a kind of magazine - BULLETIN - where you can find amazing facts about food, drinks, festivals, sports, vegetables and animals from the old times. Enjoy reading the interviews!

    As good reporters we want to make a good presentation of what we have learnt after the interviews. This PREZI presentation is a good sample of our cooperative work because it has been created thanks to all the pupils hard work. 


    And now, it's time to stand  in front of the cameras in order to publish our research to all the audience as it was a real TV programme.

    How wonderful is to see our partners from Poland, Greece and Catalonia all together working as  real journalists : Standing, movement, entonation, eye sight, ... everything " under control".

    During this chapter sudents form Catalonia, Poland and Greece filled up the weekly meal charts where they have given their ideas what they have for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner from Monday to Sunday. In this presentation we compare their results to meals which used to be eaten by our anchestors