• Hey, hey!!! Mrs. Strawberry welcomes us to Nutri-Art island! Let's hear what she is saying.....


    Let's start the visit of this island with a pair of jokes:

    - What happens when you sit on a grape? It gives you a little wine :) 

    - Why did the man at the orange juice factory lose his job? He couldn't concentrate! :)


    Here is the image we have created as one of our first art works using the logo of the project as a background.  We used Tagul 2.0 web tool, and if you have a deep look into it, you will discover the main goals of our Nutri Fit Cruise project!

    Now, are you ready to start with the riddles? Yes? so let's go!

    Each country will create some riddles which will be sent to other countries where they will create an art work with each one of them: a painting, a sculpture, or any creative shape or design.

    A famous artist from each country will try to solve the riddles according to students' creations. Let's see if they will manage to do it so....

    El Greco, a famous artist from Greece will try to solve some riddles which were made from students in Catalonia and Poland.


    Wojciech Kossak, one of the most famous Polish painters is visiting school in Gębice in order to solve a riddle created by the partner country.


    And who is missing??? SALVADOR DALÍ , the famous Catalan artist who wrote, made films and painted some of the most wonderful apintings in the world. Passengers from Nutri Fit Cruise interview him and they even aks him to play a quiz game with them. is he going to be able to solve all the riddles? Just watch it !


    After all these exciting meetings with these famous artists we are willing to become little artists too. But how?

    First of all we will use the idea of the riddles to create beautiful creations of cucumbers,strawberries, onions, bananas, garlic, mushrooms, honey... made of all kind of materials. All these healthy and tasty foods will shine soon in our school exhibitions.

    This is the way we decided to work together: each country split the riddles and sent half of them to one country and the other half to the other country and so on. Each country received from 5 to 8 foods to reproduce into a work of art.

    Here are the results:

    In Poland

    In Greece

    In Catalonia

    Our final product  in NUTRI ART ISLAND is: the Nutri art riddles book.

    It has been created with "Book Creator" app and we used here a mixture of riddles form the whole countries, the voices of our passengers and the works of art that all of us made with enthusiasm and creativity.

    Finally, we saved the ebook in a video format and uploaded it in "Vimeo" tool in order to be seen and make it public in twinspace.

    Just click the play button, large screen and everything will flow...



    And last but not least. We became artists too! Yes, indeed!!

    We drew our project's logo on to our t-shirts using special pencils and colours for this reason.

    We were very happy and excited doing this. Finally, we got dressed and took amazing photos!

    Just look at us! Aren't we beautiful?