• Our project has been travelling around Europe since it was closed and awarded with the European Quality label and also 1st national prize in Poland and 1st national prize in Greece.

    Here are some of the actions that the three teachers, Irena, Angeliki and Fina have been doing so far.


    1. APAC-ELT.es convention, BARCELONA, 17 February 2017. Universtitat Pompeu Fabra , Barcelona.

    2. MULTILINGUAL EVENT for language teachers of FECC( Fundació Escoles Cristianes de Catalunya), Seminari Conciliar de Barcelona. 21st February 2017

    3. JO eTwinning, i tu?, Pedagogical meeting Day for primary and Secondary teachers, head teachers and school leads. 8th May 2017. Organized by  Educatioinal Government Languages Department .Barcelona. "Collaboration in eTwinning", teacher trainers: Fina Vendrell and Parta Pey


    5. eTwinning, an open door to Europe, UVIC. 8th November 2017. 1'5h session for students coursing the Degree of language teaching Education in the University of VIC.

    During the session, there will be some examples of projects, one of them " Nutri Fit Cruise"