• All along the Nutri Fit Cruise we were lucky to have the visit of some experts in order to show us and teach us how to keep healthier, to eat in a better way with better habits,... We have experienced lots of things and of course, we have learnt a lot by doing games, contests, and much more!

    In Sant Josep school, Navàs, an expert visited all the pupils of the school and did some workshops related to healthy nourshment.

    These are the workshops:

    - Let's eat fruit and vegetables everyday

    - Let's have a healthy breakfast

    - The food pyramid

    - Healthy meals, healthy nourisment

    The goals of the workshops were to understand how important is to eat healthy food for our body, to do exercise because then we feel better and more relaxed and we sleep well. It is also very important to go toschool after a healthy breakfast because it is easier for us to learn and concentrate at school.

    And we also discover how dangerous are bad fats because they create colesterol inour blood. Do you know hat colesterol is? NO? then just watch a sketch of the video.



    ...and if you want to start your day with a healthy breakfast, just join us!!