School is cool !!!

    Learning by doing!!!   11 May - We won't forget this date!

    Our Nutri Fit Walk created lots of situations in which we could use our theoretical knowledge in practice.  Pupils of grade 5, teachers, parents and an eTwinning group as organizers took part in an amazing Nutri Fit Walk. All the participants were divided into 5 groups: Sweet Strawberries, Tasy Tomatoes, Clever Carrots, Busy Bees and Red Radishes:


    While walking in the sun and breathing fresh air, we visited five incredible project islands: 1.Bees, 2.Riddles, 3.Ancient people, 4.Healthy recipe, 5.Artland.

    We were solving quizes, drawing, playing games, performing interesting tasks and practicing physical exercises.We tasted delicious biscuits with honey, healthy apples and bananas. We had not only lots of collaboration and fun all the time but we also learnt many important facts about bee life, healthy food, lifestyle of ancient people and famous artist! The form of competition between groups ancouraged us to perform all the project task as best we could.

    Congratulations to the winners of our common NFWalk: ex aequo BUSY BEES and RED RADISHES!

    Now we are waiting for our partners from Catalonia and Greece - we wish them the same wonderful experiences!!! In the meantime...enjoy watching our Nutri Fit Walk in Poland:





    • After so many days warking hard with our passengers, we could finally do and enjoy the Nutri Fit Walk.
    • The process has been so long but very interesting indeed.
    • First, we opened a forum with our partners countries in order to share the ideas of the different activities we could do during the walk.
    • Then, we designed a poster inviting our friends from other grades and even our parents too.


    • Next, we created 5 different teams to represent the 5 islands where the participants would come and solve some quizzes and PE exercises.
    • The 5 islands were: Bee island, Riddles island, Ancient people island, Recipes island and Artland island. So that, each "island team" prepared 3 quizzes and a physical exercise and a snack to give to the participants the day of the walk.

    • We also used the photos of our works of art to make medals to identify the different participant groups during the walk. There were 9 teams: strawberries, cherries, coconuts, chocolates, mushrooms, onions, peas, corns and carrots.
    • Finally we also decided the snacks for each island: melon in Bees island, Apple in Recipe island, Watermelon in Artland island, orange in Riddles island and strawberries in Ancient people island. The fruit was fresh and juicy.... Mmm deilicous!

    READY, STEADY, GO...! 


    Nutri Fit Walk in Greece

    A poster to invite classmates, and teachers 


    An invitation card for the parents

    Each team in different islands had a card with questions

    and a card with the physical excercise

    The big day, May 17th 2016 came and passengers from the Nutri fit Cruise, pupils from 6th grade, teachers and parents started their Nutri Fit Walk. An amazing walk indeed!!

    Watch the video and you will understand it better...

    Teachers, parents and pupils shared with us

    their excitement and enthousiasm!!