" Mens sana in corpore sano" Yuvenal We 'll get aboard of a ship which will sail across the "eTwinning sea" and stop on different islands just to find out how to keep our mind and body healthy. We'll live aboard the ship as a big family with members from different countries , different languages, traditions and cultur...

Project Journal

  • Hooray !!!!! Our Nutri fit cruise has been awarded by 3 national and European quality labels and even the 1st national prize in Greece at the moment!
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to all the crew and participants. thank you eTwinning for sailing with us!

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    - Posted by Fina Vendrell Vila, 29.11.2016

  • End of the school year, end of Nutri Fit Cruise... time to have a rest and also to dream about our best memories.
    Huge smiles of satisfaction and happiness after living a great experience with a lot of wonderful people, the passengers of Nutri Fit Cruise from Greece, Poland and Catalonia.
    Thank you guys, thank you Angeliki and Irena, all of you are so kind and sweet :)
    Enjoy the summer holidays and see you in a future project!


    - Posted by Fina Vendrell Vila, 15.07.2016

  • Wednesday, 22 June
    The school year is coming to the end...It's amazing that the time flies so quickly with you. Dear friends, thank you for all these unforgettable moments. It's wonderful that we could meet and sail together during our Nutri Fit Cruise. Have a nice holiday and see you in next project!!!


    - Posted by Irena Głowińska, 22.06.2016

  • The school year came to an end in Greece. We arrived finaly at a safe harbor. Thanks to eTwinning and Nutri Fit Cruise we learnt a lot of things, we had fun and most of all we traveled to Catalonia and Poland and met new friends. Farewell, dear friends!! We wish you HAPPY SUMMER HOLIDAYS, hoping to meet and collaborate with you again!!


    - Posted by Angeliki Kougiourouki, 16.06.2016

  • Saturday, 11th June
    Time to remember and give our opinions about this wonderful experience. Pupils, parents and teachers have shown their point of view. So after different interviews and surveys , here is a visible image of what everybody thinks about NUTRI FIT CRUISE.

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    - Posted by Fina Vendrell Vila, 11.06.2016