• Here, in this island passengers will have the chance to meet the captain (VOKI AVATAR) and then taste the healthy cocktails prepared for the occasion (VIDEO). All of them would be able to prepare one of the cocktails at home because the recipes are kept all togehter in a beautiful ebook using 2-0 web tool ( CLIPTOMIZE).

    And more and more!!!

    Meanwhile the passengers are tasting the delicious cocktails they found a surprise (PIZAP POSTER) sent by the captain inviting them to introduce themselves and know each other (VIDEO - eBOOK YUDU).

    And finally, the best of the night in our Welcome aboard island!

    The "Culture evening show", a big poster (PICCOLLAGE)was hanging from the walls of the Nutri fit ship announcing the event for tonight. All passengers will be able to enjoy watching their partner's performances. Music, dances and traditions from every country will be present in our "Culture evening show" 


    So, let's start the adventure in WELCOME ABOARD ISLAND!

    It's time for the captain to warm welcome our passengers!

    After this warm welcome the captain invited them to a healthy cocktail which was delicious!


    Now it's your turn! If you want to taste delicious fruit cocktails, look through our Nutri Fit Cocktails Book. You will find there fantastic recipes prepared by students from Catalonia, Poland and Greece. ENJOY YOUR COCKTAIL!

    While sailing children have found an interesting announcement...


    It's time to present all the crew



    And before saying goodbye to "WELCOME ABOARD ISLAND" we want to offer one of the best shows ever seen in eTwinning islands. Come tonight and enjoy the dances, music, songs and other surprises that all passengers from Nutri Fit Cruise have prepared for you.

    Here is the poster that passengers found on the boards of the ship when they got up in the morning:

    And here is a brief presentation of the "Culture evening show"!