Enter the competition and win a wonderful cruise through eTwinning islands!

    This was the message our students found one day when they arrived in class.

    Then, they had to pass a test in order to win the Invitation card.

    The first part of the test was to solve this "Photopeach" quiz:


    Nutri-Fit Quiz on PhotoPeach

    And.....YES!!!! We did it!! We solved the quiz and the invitation card came to our hands!!!


    After that, all our students had to fill in the food pyramid. It was empty and all the food was split up over the desks. Each group had to sort the right food and place it on the right place of the pyramid.



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    We are going to join you our friends!! We would like to be with you in this Nutri fit Cruise, because we like the adventure too!!!


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    The amazing story has started. There are lots of such different and interesting tasks to do. Every day we look forward to more adventures with our Nutri Fit friends.


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